sKy, congrats on half/liberating Islam_chat.


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waleykum as-salam.

congrats on half- liberating islam_chat from an OP who isn't fit to be OP and this became apparent with my debacle. I'll ask u to re-think your decision on continue to grant power to such individual who have displayed neurotic anti-social behavior

I was luckily the BOLD enough to speak out in forum n had long exchange of posts etc etc(which were time-consuming).. not everyone has that time/energy/coherency level to make such cases, often people's first language is NOT English being one of the reasons. But it wasnt just about me, or my freedom. I wanted a long term solution. Reason i made a big case to point out to you was after hearing numerous complains about her oppressive behavior from other victims (who haven't made effort to raise voice/complain in forums) so i felt someone needs to do it... or this will continue.. so we need to reverse this n look for longterm/permanent solution and i'll give u reasons WHY

Result of Action (is this complete solution? )
so now that i am unbanned,akick i can re-unite with fellow virtual muslim community & chat and practice (quran 49:13) and remind each other n giv naseeha n live in peace (i plan to do that).

I fore-see this OP if remain in power will get in my path once again for some other reason because as she has expressed she will do everything to keep me unbanned even over-ride the superior op's (yourself) because she is under the impression she is saving muslim ummah from the "likes of me" who are liberal and threat to islam, if i can recall these her some of her sentiments. Altho i claim to follow the Salaf-us-Saleh n take the moderation approach (wasatiyyah) be upon the middle path as prophet advised, sometimes it comes across as liberal to some. At 1 point tv/phone was considered haram (called devil box) in saudia :) we chuckle now...

Sky, with all due respect, in your reply i sensed something to the effect of " lets just pretend like nothing happened, she is this way lets not make her angry again" n yea lets continue the way thiings were.. sure i'd comply with your suggestion (u are man of authority, EOD) so i would get out of her away n not mention her. BUT that is not properly handling the situation in my VIEW.

So unbanning me is half the correction (u had 20 days to make decision? may be u were busy, it is ok, we all have life outside online platforms) i feel in this case, we need the root cause to be eliminated, anytime any OP is being "irresponsible" enough to say i will over-ride authority to ban a user, it tells me that we have a neurotic behavior and are emotionally unstable. Someone who has no respect for LAW n ORDER and willing to act out on their impulse (how will 1 unban cure the person other than make her angry n comeback to repeat). It may not be me this time, but someone else. Actually she recently kicked me for joining the islam_chat now that i realized ur reply date is July 10. I was in islam_chat last week where she banned me again (i didnot ask,reply because didnt its pointless with this person).. again looks like she has no concern for regulations or may not be aware that u removed the ban, explain to her perhaps... smh.

So, i am questioning... 1) Why would u not strip power/authority from such individual who is not wiling to adhere to the rules of engagement/platform? i'd love to hear your response. 2) what wrong would OP have to do to be remove from power? i think the OP in question violation was flagrant enough to disqualify her from governing the affairs of virtual muslim community here at ICQ server.

you mentioned in llast post in thread.
"but its doesnt mean you are allowed to mock on a sister of fellow admin in the room, next time join room and do decent chat thats it. and dont point out anyone nor be provoking and also avoid targeting behavior. "

first off, i have no reason to target her, mock her or any muslim. I am a servant of Allah, i m grateful to be part of muslim community, im here to serve best i can through advice/quran/sunnah etc etc..

#islam_chat unable to join channel (address is banned)

edit: visited #ISLAM_CHAT JULY 21st 2019 6:12PM (EST) still banned... *sigh* moving on....
thx sKy , at-least you tried..what an embarrassment for Muslim community to have this "quality" of OP governing over us.. kinda reminds me of state of ummah n their rulers over them..similar parallel.
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What a narcissist. Loves the sound of his own voice and look of his own words. ??‍♀

I've been extremely busy with travel, hence have not been joining. Believe you me, the likes of you won't deter people joining, and certainly won't deter me.

I have provided every evidence available to me (at this time, I'm sure I can find more logs when time permits) and many chatters as evidence can back me up with how provocative this pest has been. This new post is just proof of how annoying and irritating this certain chatter is. It's within his nature to be incessantly argumentative, and this is clearly a disease that he's suffering from.

Within his speech he's shown how ungrateful he is in every aspect, and this again is proof of it. Never content with anything, always wanting more. It's "now I have this, but I want this too". Never ending.

I totally disagree with Sky's decision; but you may wanna ask Sky him how many times I've whinged about it to him, brought it up, or even complained about it.. And I'm a woman, (we're supposedly known for dramatising and whinging), yet you seem to do it than most women do. Mind- boggling.

I have nowt else to add. I doubt this person will change, and In Sha' Allah in time, Sky will realise this too.

Now please, do us all a favour, and get a life, use your time productively, and start acting like what Allah made you to be, a male!

The Prophet  said: “The most hated person in the sight of Allah is the most quarrelsome one.” [Al-Bukhari]

Sky, I request you to please stop this person from spreading more of his vicious narcissistic behaviour. Jazak Allah Khair


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hi, salam. BWS, i am not sure what was the purpose of your post is here ? can u briefly explain the intent of your post?

ok u r busy/traveling/baking cookies/ whatever.. no one asked you for what u've been doing in your personal time?

You donot belong in this thread, only way u can come here is to give 5 reasons we shouldn't take your OP-ship from you? ok i'll lower the bar give us 2 reasons you should be OP here, after what you've displayed. Power should not be something a believer desires.. So give it up while some dignity entact before its snatched from you by sKy or even Allah, Allah hates oppression. He may inflict you with something mightier than what you have suffered, this is because you are being arrogant at the moment and not realize it.

My reasons to strip u off your OP-ship are as follows:
1) you disobeyed authority over you (sky) who removed the akick/ban and you have the nerve to over-ride his authority. that alone disqualifies you to be op. You are too emotional / aggressive/ hasty/ judgmental/ these r some characteristics of flaw detected in you. I am a student of psychology your behavior falls nothing short of neurotic. Seek help sister in faith.

ok im going to address some pts. u raised.. why do u even do this?

Yes, we heard you the first time, i am bad, i m argumentative, i am sinner, i am evil. fine.. i'll admit im all of that what you say about me, if it makes you happy.

good you disagree with sKY, now move on, stop over-riding his authority after he removed my akick/ban. i am still banned because of your childishness. How do u even show up after what you've been caught doing? it just boggles my mind. How can a person not have shame after abuse power, override higher authority, persist in slander.. thx i'll take your good deeds on judgement day..

whing? not familiar with Uk terms, i think u mean nag? ok yes i am nagging to sKy, becuz i dont want morally corrupt OPs abuse power against my community. guilty as charged.

Did you just refer to me as acting like women? stereotyping women to be whingers/naggers? this is misogyny, sexism.. are u calling me to act like a "male" are u implying that only females complain and r oppressed in life? and if male doest it, there's something wrong for him to complain? this is further revealing your state-of-mind due to living in a patriarchal/backward society who treat women wrongly. What's sad is that you being a woman has accepted that narrative/conditioned to it that you are even using it in your communication.

plz understand when someone says "stop acting like a woman" plz understand that is degrading of all women? they are not insulting person, they are degrading ALL women as whole ! How can you as a woman degrade them? i am astonished...lost for words..

i seriously dont want to continue this further, u have so many red-flags that i'm willing to pay expenses for you to get mental help.. just keep the receipts, i'll reimburse you.

Yes, i dont settle for LESs i want haqq/truth to prevail falsehood abolished. Islam teaches us to have best standards as we r "best of mankind, we ask for Firdaus. SO strive for the best.. everywhere anywhere anytime... its how i live... alwys look to better myself n people around me. i am always looking to help people think/make better decisions in life.

Yes, i am annoying n irritating n argumentative in YOUR OPINION. So, please put me on ignore when/if i am back in islam_chat. No one is forcing you to like me. We are asking you to control your EMOTIONS and display professionalism and be mortally objective put away your personal hatred/bias. Sky has already made a judgement, plz have the decency to not break chain of command... my god why dont u just stop? you make yourself look worst n worst, the more you write.. stop it.

We are done here. Please go bake cookies/travel/do whatever that is keeping you busy & away from muslim community chat/forums. Spare us from your neurotic behavior.

plz stop. plz stop plz stop.
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I've been away from the room for a while, and that's why I explained as to why, for the benefit of everyone else. My bad, I forgot you can't join and wouldn't know :)

The rest of the psycho-babble and garbage (as per your usual self), I choose to ignore. Alhamdulillah

End of this thread as well, from me anyway. In Sha' Allah. (until maybe this particular person decides to vie for everyone's attention with some other thread involving the ethics of the room, or involving me directly or inadvertently)